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September 24, 2008

Farm Life

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Bridget O’Dea who is another vendor at the Kilrush Market. Brid leaves in a stone cottage with a big open fire, with her 2  children, Frank and Fina and her partner PD in Creegh. As it was a spectacularly gorgeous day I drove down the coast taking in all of colors that makes Ireland shine on a sunny day. The fields are their characteristic 40 shades of green and the sea was a calm blue. Even the cows and sheep looked happy to be drying out.  Brid has 4 gardens and 1 tunnel and I left loaded up with organic rainbow chard and tomatoes for dinner.  We took a walk down to the O’Dea family home which is still a thatched roof cottage with no running water, along side a stream in a shaded lane. I got a real feeling of autumn. There are 3 old oak trees on the proprty, which is very rare in Ireland. They have to be several hundred years old.          They have 2 new donkeys, one is a few weeks and the other is a 5 day old black female. I have only looked at donkeys from the other side of a fence so it was a real treat to get up close and touch the little ones. They are absolutely gorgeous and their coat is as soft as you can imagine. Brid said that when the female was born the adult females gathered around and bellowed, sniffed and then walked away to leave mother and foal in peace.  Donkeys are communal animals and the little ones were rubbing up against all of the adults who would playfully nudge them. They also have chickens, geese, goats, sheep, horses and of course cats and a resident sheepdog.  We had a good coffee with hot goat’s mik from the mornings milking. Her partner was busy with the WOOFERS (workers on organic farms) clearing the fields of hay. They take in Woofers from all over the world, and in exchange for work, house them and give them food to cook during their growing season.           On the way back I stopped at the Liscannor Rock Shop, and restocked Coming Home To Cook. Another store that sells it from the front counter – this time in the tearooms.    For an update on my demos that are coming up see demos and events and for the 3 radio programs I will be on this week see Radio and Print. Slan, Mary

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