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July 18, 2008

Beach days

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I’m sitting up in the loft at Judy’s beach house which has 2 windows overlooking the Irish Sea. The sun is shining on the white caps and the horizon is getting that pinkish hue to it. I’m going to make this quick so I can take a nice walk on the beach before sunset, which here is about 10:30!    After spending a glorious day off yesterday, doing nothing but relaxing and feeling so grateful that I have Judy as a friend,  we headed off this morning to Waterford. It’s a city with a great old feeling. First stop was The Book Centre in John Roberts Square. This is a big beautiful Irish owned Bookstore that has branches in Naas, Wexford and Kilkenny. It’s in a restored  movie theater and is very much like a Barnes and Noble, with a cafe and comfortable chairs for reading. John, the manager was happy to take Coming Home To Cook.  The owners of the 2 health food shops in town were out so we had lunch and traveled on to New Ross. This is the town that JFK’s ancestors were from so there’s lots of memorabilia about the Kennedy’s and his visit there in the 1960’s. Being of Irish Catholic Massachusetts heritage I always find this interesting.  It’s a very pretty old town with colorful shop fronts, many interesting cafes and a majestic cathedral up on the hill. Paul Brennan at Nolan’s on South St. took the book and was delightful.                                                                        On to the highlight of the day which was Kate’s Farm Shop on the Wexford- Duncannon Road. I would love to own a shop like this. There’s lots of gorgeous fresh fruits and vegetables out front, and room after room of everything you’d want or need in a fresh food market. The shelves ae packed with fresh breads, cheeses, grains, nuts, fruits, crackers, grains, you name it, they’ve got it. Owners Kate and Ollie were real pros, very friendly, efficient and good craic.  It took only a few minutes to look at the book and a chat about terms to decide they defintely wanted to sell it.  All of the ingredients in the book can be bought at this little shop. And, it’s the ONLY BOOK in the shop. So, if you’re in the Wexford area, this is the place to go. Slan.

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