Mary Sheehan Coming Home To Cook

May 19, 2011

Have you ever heard music in water?

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The Burren in bloom is a rare treat if you are lucky enough to find yourself  in this unique limestone landscape any time of year. But, from April to June it is especially enchanting.  I was happy to bring a few American friends to a limestone plateau at the base of a fog shrouded mountain that are now carpeted with rare flowers of fogpurple, pink, yellow and blue. As we wandered from rock to rock with the  call of the cuckoo as our guide, I thought of a how the inspiration for the tunes of the traditional music we heard in the pub the night before come from the land, the water, the history and  antiquity of the land.  I thought of someone who recently told me she heard the strains  of a uillean pipe coming from a Burren stream traveling to the sea.  Poetry in motion. Life in Ireland. bloody

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