Mary Sheehan Coming Home To Cook

September 25, 2009


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sept-09-136 The days are getting shorter and the sun is setting earlier in the west.  The sun is finally shining, as predicted!  The roads are lined with scarlet fucsia, orange montbrecia and up in Donegal  the indomitable heather covers the mountains and valleys alike.  Blackberries, rose hips, sloe berries, and hazelnuts are ready for picking along the hedgerows.  Traveling through West Cork I marvel at the green of the meadows. I notice how the cows are such communal animals, standing, sitting, always in pairs or groups.   They glisten in the sun after two months of  grey skies and steady rain.  Was that a smile on that Kerry cow’s face?  It certainly is on this new little donkey, and I bet Fina is smiling, too! donkey-hug

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