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July 8, 2009

Eat fresh & be healthy

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tofu-veg-0011I recently felt a summer cold coming on.   Stuffed sinuses, sore throat, oh, oh, it’s going into my chest! Time to get out the herbs, vitamin C, and most importantly, for me, taking a look at what I’ve been eating. As a vegetarian who’s sensitive, but not allergic to, wheat and dairy I try to stay clear of them. But, I’ve been making a fabulous sesame sauce to go on the falafels for the Kilrush Market and green goddess dressing for those gorgeous summer salads,  both which are yoghurt based.  I found really good tortillas for the cheese quesidillas I’m making at the Doolin Market and I made apple rhubarb crisp from Coming Home To Cook for the 4th of July ( with butter & flour)  Too much good stuff in a short period of time and now I can feel it. So,  I made elderflower cordial which I’ve been diluting in hot water with lemon, it’s full of Vitamin C.  My friend Annaliese makes  a powerful organic herbal tea that I sell at the markets. It’s a combination of nettles, horsetail, yarrow, marigold, blackcurrant leaves, rosehips plus about 10 more herbs! Good stuff for whatever ails ya!  I was finally getting my appetite back and felt like eating something substantial and satisfying but still want to keep it light.  One of the perks of selling at the Farmers Markets is that I buy or barter all the fresh veg. which I use in making my veggie food that I sell, and I always have a lot extra for home.      I pulled out of the fridge a block of fresh tofu, beautiful organic lettuce that was wilting fast and had to be used and carrots, baby courgettes, new potatoes, garlic and shallots from Michael’s garden. I clipped some fresh fennel leaves from a pot and got out the wok.  I’ll call this Tofu stir fry, with fresh Clare Farmers Market veg.  gluten and dairy free.

Drain and pat dry tofu. Cut into small cubes. Set aside.  Drizzle a little olive oil in the wok (about 2 Tbl.)  Add 2 chopped garlic cloves, 1 large chopped shallot, 1 Tbl. grated fresh gingerroot. Cook til they begin to brown.  Add 2 chopped carrots and  3 sliced courgettes.  While this is cooking steam 4 new potatoes until slightly tender, then add to wok. Cook for about  5 minutes, add 1 Tbl. of wheat free tamari, keep tossing and cooking. Add tofu and mix all together.   Add 1 cup chopped lettuce.  If it looks dry and is sticking to the wok, add a little organic vegetable stock.  Add 2 Tbl. chopped fennel leaves, sea salt to taste and cracked black pepper. Cook a few more minutes.  I feel better already!

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