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June 28, 2009

Doolin Market Crafts

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siobainstephanThe Doolin Saturday Crafts Fair and Farmers Market is home to a diverse group of artists and food vendors from all over the world. Siobain O’Brien comes from England and is now on staff  at the Boghill Centre, Siobain is  a talented potter and at the Centre she digs her clay directly from the bog. She creates beautiful little pots, vases and musical sheep and cows, some even drinking a pint of guinness!  She works on her craft at the market to the delight of  our visitors.

Stephan is from France and is a multi talented musician, basket maker and chef  who came to West Clare 7 years ago. The story goes that while living in India, he decided to take flute classes. While practicing in his flat, the door opened and Robin Sheen (a Burren farmer and beekeeper and someone I’ve mentioned in my blog a few times) burst in and said “hey, man, that’s an Irish tune, you should go to Doolin.”  So, about 6 months later Stephan came to Doolin, walked into O’Connors Pub for their Sunday session, and there was Robin. The next day he found a job and the day after found a flat. He’s been here ever since, playing in sessions, making baskets and cooking in various restaurants. This past saturday he set up in the lobby of the Russell Community Center and worked on creating more beautiful baskets and chairs. stephans-baskets

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