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June 23, 2009

Gorgeous Gooseberries

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gooseberries-001It’s probably absurd to some that I would consider gooseberries one of the more “gorgeous” of the berry family. They certainly don’t compare in color and sweetness to blackberries, raspberries, blueberries or our wonderful Wexford strawberries. But, gooseberries have an appeal all of their own and can be made into a variety of jams, chutney and fools.  They are normally acidic and tart but this batch was unusually mild and a little sweet. I bought them while visiting my good friends Emma and Pete and their new baby, 6 month old adorable Rosie in East Clare. We went to the Killaloe Farmers Market on Sunday, in a great venue tucked between the river and the canal. There’s lots of organic Co. Clare veg,  fish, cheese and chocolate, good strong fairtrade coffee, baked goods and loads more. It was a hot and sunny day (dare I say it, we’re having a good summer!) and we happily sipped coffee while watching the new ducklings in the canal. Here’s a recipe I came up with that is a jam/chutney blend as it is both sweet with a taste of sugar, spicey from the cloves and fresh ginger  and chunky with bits of apple.

Gooseberry Spread – gluten and dairy free

Wash and trim 3 lbs. gooseberries. In a heavy bottomed pot put the gooseberries, 4 oz grated fresh ginger root, a few whole cloves, 1 lb. white sugar and the juice of  2 lemons. Stir completely and bring to a boil.  Lower the heat and simmer until thick, about 1 hour. Add 4 peeled, diced tart apples and cook until soft. Remove the cloves and let cool before putting into jars. This is lovely served as a garnish with cheese, roasted vegetables or as a spread on toasted sandwiches.

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