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June 6, 2009

Hens and horses

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henarkOnce a year, the Kilrush Farmers Market shares the town square with the annual Horse Fair. Last week, it was hot and sunny and everyone was in great spirits.  Is this the start of a sunny Irish summer? We hope so!!  Colette from Finnys Cottage in Derrybrick is an artist with chickens. That is, her husband Des (who’s Grandmother was a Sheehan(!) makes Hen Arks and Colette sells them and the chickens. She also sells bird houses, plants, her framed nature photographs and note cards, painted rocks and hand made pendants. Des and Colette also own and run a small boarding kennel.  The Hen Arks are of two varieties – one with a run and one without but with a loft for laying eggs.  They have taken orders for dozens since they came to the market a few months ago.  Colette and the chickens are a great addition to the market.

The streets were packed with  horses, foals, ponies and donkeys. Young travelers were circling the town square, riding their pony traps to show off their  beautiful ponies that were for sale. There’s always something happening in Kilrush – a busy market town. horsefaircolette

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