Mary Sheehan Coming Home To Cook

May 25, 2009

Food & Wine Profile

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mary-rainbow-chard-resized3I am thrilled to be featured in June’s edition of Food and Wine Magazine – “Ireland’s food and drink bible.”  With this picture of herself and fresh picked rainbow chard  it reads as thus:


Mary Sheehan is a modern Irish woman if there ever was one. So modern that she has only held citizenship since 2005 and has only lived here full time since 2007, exactly 100 years after her grandparents emigrated to the U.S. This story explains the title of Mary’s book, which she is currently busying herself promoting and selling at various farmers markets and food stores around the country. Coming Home To Cook is both a love song to the land of her forefathers (where her great grandmother used to walk a monthly 50-mile round trip to the butter market), and the culmination of a lifetime of cooking in such diverse settings as her own cafe in New York to a resort in Belize. A committed vegetarian, Mary has been relishing the opportunity to broaden the dietary horizons of the farmers and shoppers in markets such as Kilrush (Thur.) and Doolin (Sat.), many of  whom have never tasted tofu before, and certainly not tofu steaks with rosemary, port and mushrooms. Mary sells the likes of quinoa salad at her weekly stalls along with the book, and gives monthly cookery demos. The demos are a chance for people to learn how to pair local seasonal vegetables from neighbouring market stalls with whole grains from local food stores to produce highly nutritious gluten and dairy free meals that are tasty too. see her blog for dates of upcoming demos.

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