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April 26, 2009

Spicey Tofu Wedges

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tofu1When I give cookery demos, I’m always surprised at how few people have  cooked tofu, although they admit to liking it. It seems to have the reputation as a bland food. Yet, it’s so simple and good for you, and, given the right recipe, is tasty and satisfying.  I cooked up these bite size wedges for lunch the other day. The recipe is the one from  my vegetarian cookery book, Coming Home To Cook

Spicey Tofu – gluten free.

Drain tofu  so that it is somewhat dry. Cut into 1/2 and then into 4’s, making triangles.  Heat 1 Tbl. of canola oil in a skillet. Add tofu and cook, turning for a few minutes. Add a sprinkling of your favorite dried herbs, I like thyme,oregano, basil, dill, turmeric and cayenne pepper. Cook til well coaed. Add a generous sprinkling of Nutritional tasty yeast and grated parmesan cheese. Cook until it is well coated.

Nutritional Tasty Yeast  is a yeast product that is high in B complex. It is sold in Health shops and has a long shelf life.  And, it’s great on popcorn. So, another healthy snack for you and/or the kids!

This tofu recipe is good over a mixed green salad at lunch with my house dressing, also in Coming Home To Cook or as a hot entree with your favorite veg and starch. Enjoy!

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