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November 16, 2008

On the Radio

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This past week I had 2 fun radio interiews. The interview by David on Mid Day Cork – C103  was a lot of fun and I got some PayPal orders on my website for Coming Home To Cook the same day!  We talked a lot about the Cork connection and the reality of vegetarian cooking in Ireland, which is becoming very popular here.       On my way around the country, checking books on my last trip before the holidays, I stopped in Longford to be on the Joe Finnegan show on Shannonside and Northern Sound Radio. These 2 stations cover 6 counties. Joe’s introduction went like this” this time of year we are sent 100’s of books but this one really caught our eye (must be that cover again!) and we know you will all love this book!”  Joe had really done his homework and sent the book home with some of the producers and folks who work there to sample cooking some of the recipes. The comments and questions posed were infomative and fun and I had a blast! Thanks to David, Joe and the producers for seeing the value in this little gem of a book. Slan, Mary


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Had a lovely breakfast with Val O’Connor at Sage’s Cafe on Catherine St. in Limerick. Val is a professional photographer who has a popular food blog We met at the Dingle Food Festival and she is writing an article about me and Coming Home To Cook in the November 19 issue of the Limerick Independent. The book is now for sale in Eason’s and O’Mahony’s in Limerick. It was fun talking to another “foodie” (hate that word – can anybody come up with another one?) about the Irish food movement, gardening and vegetable growing.  Val shared with me that she had made the carrot cake recipe from Coming Home To Cook substituting courgettes (zucchini) for the carrots and added a little lime juice and lime zest to it, as well. She said it was delicious and gone in a flash!  I love it when people make the recipes their own, if anyone out there has other variations share them! Slan, Mary

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