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August 7, 2008

Living Naturally

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Ishay-on-rockt was a good week for feeling the true essence of living in the Burren. I took a spectacular 6 hour hike in the Burren with 2 very special Dutch friends on Sunday. I couldn’t feel my legs on monday and then the pain set in.  But, despite a huge bruise from falling on one of the thousands of ancient rocks it was a day I won’t ever forget. There’s no way to describe the Burren from the middle of it. There is a sense of total isolation,  no people, no structures, only yourself, the rocks, wildflowers, a lone portal tomb, a bull in the meadow, wild goats grazing in the distance.  Magic and history – it’s everywhere here.   That wonderful day was preceded by a fun market at Doolin, a lovely session followed by a spontaneous sing song in the Roadside, and a walk at sunset to the deserted famine village on the sea in Fanore.   Today presented me with another opportunity for immersing myself in nature “literally.” At the end of the Kilrush Market, the Dingle Fishermen presented me with 2 heaping bags of seaweed for “my bath.”  Instructions: get the water as hot as possible, put both bags (yikes!) of seawood in the tub, let steep for 30 minutes,  pour a glass of nice wine, light the candles, immerse herself and relax.  I wanted to learn more about cooking with seaweeds this year but I guess this is a good way to start. Time to pour the wine.

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